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I've been published in a number of books and magazines. The thrill of publishing my first book - Shibori for Textile Artists - could only be surpassed by publishing my second book. So that's just what I've done with my new book - Liberating Log Cabin - available now on the website.

Liberating Log Cabin

by Janice Gunner

Do you love to create quilts using log cabin technique, but long for a more contemporary look?

If so, you've probably seen Janice's Liberating Log Cabin quilts and wondered how she does them.

In Janice's new tell-all book you'll learn every last secret. How to cut and piece the quilt. How to wobble with the best. How to add excitement and additional texture. And how to square it all up.

And above all, you'll be inspired and set free to sew.

More info: Liberating Log Cabin

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Liberating Log Cabin

Liberating Log Cabin
by Janice Gunner

Sorry: currently out of print

Shibori for Textile Artists

by Janice Gunner

Shibori for Textile Artists explores the heritage and techniques of one of the richest textile traditions in the world.

Stunning examples of finished Shibori pieces both inspire and guide the reader throughout, with practical advice on incorporating Shibori textiles into your own quilted and embroidered pieces.

More info: Shibori for Textile Artists

Shibori for Textile Artists

Shibori for Textile Artists
by Janice Gunner

The Quilters' Guild Collection

I'm delighted to be included in this inspirational source book from the Quilters' Guild of The British Isles.

The Quilters' Guild Collection s an authoritative introduction to the history of British patchwork and quilting. It empowers quiltmakers everywhere to create their own unique designs.

This book is beautifully illustrated with quilts from the Quilters' Guild Heritage Collection. It also includes twelve imaginative designs by contemporary quiltmakers which demonstrate their own design processes and inspire others.

More info: The Quilters' Guild

The Quilters' Guild Collection

The Quilters' Guild Collection

Book Credits

I have also contributed to several books on patchwork and quilting.

  • The Quilter's Resource Book by Maggi McCormick Gordon
  • Patchwork Quilting and Appliqué by Linda Seward
  • The Complete Quilting Course by Gail Lowther
  • Quilting School by Ann Poe
  • Quilts From Europe by Gul Laporte
  • The Complete Crazy Patchwork by Anne Hulbert

The Quilter's Resource Book

The Quilter's Resource Book

Magazine Credits

Over the years my work has been featured in numerous patchwork and quilting magazines, including:

  • The Quilter
  • Popular Patchwork
  • Patchwork and Quilting
  • Quilters' Newsletter
  • International Quilting Times
  • Quilts International
  • Quiltnieuws
  • Workbox

The Quilter

The Quilter magazine